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My First Crystal Radio

As I was trying to organize things a bit in my “office”, I happened to unearth a bit of nostalgia. This is my first crystal radio. I built this thing after reading about it in some old book. It’s probably … Continue reading

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Retro LED Displays

I recently found some HP 5082-7433 LED bubble display modules on eBay. These are three digit, 7 segment displays with decimal points. The “bubble” is a magnifying lens molded into the epoxy package. I ended up finding a datasheet (warning, … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Lawnmower

I have a battery powered lawnmower. It’s powered by a 17Ah 24V battery which lasted four seasons before it just wouldn’t finish the lawn. The replacement battery started giving me trouble by the end of the first season. It was … Continue reading

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Constant Current Dummy Load

This is a constant current dummy load I put together recently. It was inspired by the EEVblog version. Mine is simplified, using only one op-amp. It also requires a multimeter to monitor the current. I used parts I had on … Continue reading

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Resurrecting an Apple Disk II

I had an Apple IIc growing up. I still have it, along with a big stack of floppy disks. It still works, even after enough years that you kids need to get off my lawn. I decided I wanted something … Continue reading

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Interfacing the PS/2 Keyboard

As an exercise, and to help me learn about the protocol, I’ve set up my trusty Arduino to read scancodes from a PS/2 keyboard. The protocol is fairly simple. The keyboard uses four pins in the connector whether it is … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This is the obligatory “Hello World!” post. Imagine a random microcontroller on a breadboard. One LED flashes slowly. That’s what this is.

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